Best Ideas For Wood Chipper Blades Maintenance

Wondering how you can maintain your wood chipper blades in the best condition at an affordable cost and without disrupting your operations. Well, you need to read this guide. It has some of the best tips on how you can do this.

Read the following instructions for wood chipper blades maintenance.

Use Original And Genuine Parts

The first thing that you need to get right is the kind of blades that you are using. You need to have the right wood chipper blades for your job if you are to maintain them in the best condition possible. Make sure that you have the original or genuine parts, even if they are aftermarkets or OEM. Therefore, you need to source them from a reliable supplier. You can click for info about one of the best suppliers of genuine wood chipper blades.

Keep Chipper Clean

the most basic maintenance tip that will not cost you anything is cleaning the blades. There are people that keep their machines in dirty condition for a very long time. Most of the debris and other particles collected by the blades are capable of increasing the rate of wear and tear. Using pressure cleaning with soap works the best.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

The other wood chipper blades maintenance tip is sharpening the blades. Whenever you feel that the cutting performance of the blades has gone down, you should consider sharpening them. In some cases, you might find out that the blades have dulled after an extended wood shipping period. Blunt teeth increases wear and tear, even that of other parts of the machine.

Replace Your Chips

Sometimes, you might need to replace broken, fractured or even worn out wood chipper blade chips. This is the part that does the cutting and thus highly prone to a high rate of wear and tear. If it is already worn out beyond repairs, you can have it replaced instead of buying new teeth.

Remember To Grease Bearings

Keep the bearing in the best condition by greasing them. It is the bearing that allows for the smooth movement of the teeth, and thus their condition can greatly affect the cutting performance and even the rate of wear and tear.

Clean Your Air Filter

The air filter allows free flow of the air to keep the wood chipper blades cools. If the filter is clogged and worn out, the cooling will be compromised, and this means high heat of the teeth, which eventually increase wear and tear.

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