Experts Tips On How To Maintain A Duratech Shredder

Experts Tips On How To Maintain A Duratech Shredder

If you have purchased a new Duratech shredder, or you have been using the new machine for a while, you need to have a good maintenance schedule. Maintaining wood shredders plays a critical role in promoting high machine performance and productivity. But how do you do it correctly?

Well, there are several things that you need to consider for proper maintenance of the Duratech shredder. For starters, this guide is providing you some of the best hacks to maintaining your wood shredding machine. Check out the following:

Right Application

One of the first and most crucial tips for maintaining a Duratech shredder is the right application. You need to ensure that you are using the machine for the intended use. If the machine is designed to shred wood of a certain diameter, do not exceed it because it will damage the machine. Even if you maintain the machine, it will still be useless if it is not properly used.

Regular Check-Up

This is another effective repair tip that most people do not take seriously. Most of the Duratech shredder damages start as a very small problem but grows with time to become huge and expensive to repair. With regular check-ups, you can easily identify these faults and fix them immediately before it becomes a nasty problem. Checking the shredder after work doe the best.

Instant Repairs

In case you find out that some of the machine parts have been damaged, make sure that they are repaired instantly. Delays in the repairs of the faulty parts are one reason why it costs a lot to maintain these machines. Whether it’s a broken Duratech shredder tooth or any other part, have them fixed immediately.

Quick Replacement

Make quick replacements for all the parts that have been damaged beyond repair. This is very crucial because it will wear out parts usually causes an increase in the rate of wear and on the good parts. That’s because the parts in good shape work harder hence become more exposed. If the cutter tools have been damaged beyond repair, replace them as quickly as possible.


Last but not least is the lubrication of the Duratech shredder. Most of the damages are a result of friction energies between various moving parts. Lubricate the shredder thoroughly as recommended by the manufacturer. You must also ensure that you are using the right lubricating oil.

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