Factors Fuelling Growth Of Cold Forging Extrusion

Factors Fuelling Growth Of Cold Forging Extrusion

The cold forging extrusion technology has been growing at a very fast rate. In fact, you will find out that a huge number of forged products, be it machine parts, tools, and packing products, are cold-forged. But what’s driving this growth?

There are many factors that are causing a surge in demand for cold-forged machine parts. In this article, we have researched a bit and came up with some of the interesting facts about this growth. Check out the following:

Ease of Forging

One of the reasons why this technology is growing fast is the ease of forging. You will find out that cold forging extrusion does not have some of the processes that other forging techniques have. A good example is the heating of the material to be forged. With a step skipped, it means the process of forging is made easier. This means it’s also easy to train forgers with cold forging that other form.

Higher Production Rate

There is a huge relationship between the short process and the production rate. With the short forging process, cold extrusion enables a higher production rate. That’s why most manufacturers are going for this technology. The heating process takes a lot of time in the forging of parts. In fact, it is one of the longest stages as the metal could take up to 20 minutes or more to reach the forging temperature.

Cheaper Production

The other factor that’s fuelling the demand for cold forging extrusion is the cheaper cost of production. To make more profit and sell products at an affordable cost, manufacturers are looking for technologies that reduce the cost of production. The coming of cold forging helped address this concern, and that’s the reason why it’s growing fast. The cheaper production also means that the manufacturer can sell their products at a lower price. That means more people will be interested in buying hence more sales.

Less Finishing Work

Another big advantage of cold forging extrusion is the production of near net shape. This is a forming technology that will produce products that require very little or no finishing work. This means fewer resources and investment is put in the finishing, which is good for the manufacturer. It also helps increase the factory’s production rate as well as increase the profits.

These are some of the major reasons that are making cold forging extrusion popular in the market.

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