These are 3 common uses of Berti mulchers

These are 3 common uses of Berti mulchers

Over the years that the Berti Company has been around in the industry, they have made a strong foothold as one the reputable manufacturer of mulching machines. That is why Berti mulchers are popular with both the large scale and small scale mulching contractors as well as the domestic users. But why are these machines popular in the market? Of the reasons is their vast range of application. These are the kinds of machines that can be used for almost everything. Here are some of the common uses or applications of the Berti mulchers:

Forestry Use

One of the areas that you will find Berti mulchers is in the forestry mulching application. Forestry mulching is one of the most lucrative yet very difficult forms of mulching. It is land clearing process that requires the removal of forests hence requires powerful mulching machines. That is because of the tough conditions that the machine is exposed to. That is what Berti mulchers provide.  They provide the market with extremely powerful machines that can withstand the toughest conditions. Their forestry mulching machines are also able to clear any kind of forest no matter how thick it may look like. That is why they are popular with forestry mulching.

Farming Application

One other area that you will find Berti mulchers is in the farms. They are widely used by both the domestic users and the larger commercial farming. Because of the variations, the company is proving a wide range of models for the farm use. That is the reason why everywhere you go; you will find Berti mulcher being used. They have the small mulching machines for the small scale farmers and also the large mulching machines for the large scale farmers. Therefore, every farmer has something that they can find at Bertis for their farm needs.

Rock Mulching

Rocking another area where you will find Berti mulchers being widely used. This is a special kind of mulching where the typical mulching machine may not be used. Rock mulching is common in farms where the condition of the soil is rocky making it difficult to do farming. To make it easy to work in such soils, you need to mulch it properly to break down the rocks. That is the reason why we have Berti rock mulchers are widely popular. Berti machines do very well in such abrasive conditions.



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